Commercial Heating

HVAC or Heating and Air Conditioning are a major expense when considering the cost of operating a building.

Use of the building will help to determine what the best combination of equipment will be, with multiple uses requiring a combination of systems for each area.

Age and construction of a building will also play a role in determining the best systems to be used.

Offices will require both heating and air conditioning best provided by combination heat cool units usually mounted on the roof.

Production or warehouse areas that do not require air conditioning are often heated by fan forced overhead furnaces or radiant tube heaters.

Consideration should be given to upgrading, window, door and insulation systems, reducing the load on the HVAC.

Existing systems may have outlived their useful life span, requiring replacement or extensive upgrading to achieve desirable results.

All equipment regardless of age should receive regular service by licensed technicians to maintain optimum efficiency and reliability.

Many recent advances in technology and equipment can provide more cost effective solutions to your HVAC needs.

Consult a reliable mechanical contractor or other specialists such as an engineer to make sure your dollars are providing you with the best return.

Remember operating expenses must be paid before profits can be made. An energy efficient building will have better resale value and be easier to rent to more desirable tenants.

Article by Brian Edwards M.A.A.T.O, B.C.Q, President of Westbrook Building Inspections Ltd. hope this helps and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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