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Repairing or repaving a typical parking lot common to industrial or commercial buildings includes the cost of: materials, skilled labour, stringent health and safety regulations, liability and/or worker’s compensation insurance, disposal costs and site access etc.

Which types of asphalt to use and what type of base preparation is required will depend on the traffic load the facility is subject to. Careful planning will increase service life while reducing maintenance costs. Loading dock areas and access lanes require much heavier base layers and finished asphalt surfaces. Grading should provide good drainage to keep these areas free of ice and water. Concrete should be considered for dock ramps or dolly pads serving high traffic or heavy truck shipping.

Adequate turn space is essential especially for larger trucks hauling shiptainers, which can reach overall lengths of 65’ or more. Tight turning radiuses have a grinding effect on the asphalt, causing damage to the surface material and base layers of gravel.

Removal and disposal of an existing system is costly because the debris is heavy, considered hazardous materials requiring costly transportation to a suitable disposal facility. Better to grind it up and reuse it as part of the base layer if possible.

Overhauling an existing system is worthy of consideration if deterioration isn’t too extensive and repairs can give adequate performance thus allowing time to amortize repaving costs over a number of years especially for a large facility.

Maintenance should include pothole repairs, crack sealing, rebuilding of catch basins, line markings and the installation of guards, speed bumps or barriers etc., to regulate traffic flow.

Prospective purchasers see this highly visible and often neglected building component before they even enter the building itself, creating a good or a poor impression almost immediately

Regular inspections and proactive maintenance pays by extending asphalt-paving life while managing expense, reducing the risk of costly damage, liability or disruptions.

Article by Brian Edwards M.A.A.T.O, B.C.Q, President of Westbrook Building Inspections Ltd. hope this helps and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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