Commercial Plumbing Problems and Solutions

All buildings require plumbing facilities unless they are just used for storage purposes such as a vehicle garage or utility shed.

Larger garages or sheds may also require plumbing or sanitary facilities if the unit is occupied on a regular basis with no sanitary facilities close by.

Depending on the age and past uses of a building, a plumber should be asked to conduct a camera inspection of the drains to look for blockages or damage which could be expensive to repair especially if the portion to be replaced is not a municipal responsibility.

The number and type of washrooms will depend on the occupancy of the building.

Large numbers of employees or clients will require that a certain number of toilet and washbasins be provided for each sex.

Handicap accessible facilities can be expensive to install or retrofit into existing facilities.

Make sure that the municipal supply or well supply is adequate for your needs.
Production methods or the preparation of food products can consume large amounts of water.

Heating large amounts of water can require specialized boiler and storage tanks.

Wastewater and sewage must also be dealt with properly before it is discharged off the property.

This may require installation of a grease trap system or specialized treatment before discharged into a septic system.

If the building is not hooked into a municipal system, have the well and septic system inspected to make sure both have adequate capacity or that they can be expanded to meet your requirements.

Licensed trades people should carry out all work after obtaining a permit, if the installation is new or the upgrading process is extensive or requires changes to an existing system.

Plumbing failures can cause extensive property damage through flooding. Sewage discharge can also result in serious health risks.

Ongoing maintenance inspections will reduce the risks and expense caused by failures.

Upgrading should also include water conservation measures thus reducing costs and waste.

Article by Brian Edwards M.A.A.T.O, B.C.Q, President of Westbrook Building Inspections Ltd. hope this helps and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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